Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Connection

A quick update, as I have less than thirty minutes to write and publish this post. I have no internet connection at home. None. I've gone off the grid. Maybe later this week I'll be back to my usual operations, but for now, I get online through the local libraries and coffee shops. As a side note, it's kind of nice to have the majority of distractions taken away; kind of.

As you can see on the video above, I have started a Virtual Writing Group. Basic idea, we write for 90 minutes, then talk afterwards. In this one, a number of things went wrong, but I give myself a solid "A" for effort. What I like is that through Google Hangouts and YouTube, people with different time schedules can still take part of this group. The person just has to take some time out of their day, open the video, and work for the time we work. Someone can use a timer, but that is so sterile and isolated. Let's put our faces onscreen and communicate to one another, by taking part in the Hangout or the comments section on YouTube. If you put 90 minutes once a week in, I'll put 90 minutes in. Let's make some progress to our goals!

If you click the WestonWriting channel tab, you'll see I also have vlogs up as well. I'll be putting one up on the weekends, but if these connections have anything to say about it, even a four minute video will take 2 hours to upload. Yeesh. It sucks, but it will be in the past eventually.

As I'm on this Internet Hiatus for now, I'll be less active on the blog. I'll sneak away as often as possible, because another Of Note is nearing completion, but be aware, things will be slow for the time being.