Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Connection Established


Good news, everyone. I am back online at home. The post below (in case of a site re-design, before?) details why, but for the time-constrained and lazy, I switched internet service providers, and now I'm saving big bucks. That meant no access to the website, to my Google Plus, or anything where people find me, except Twitter. Twitter, thankfully, can be found on any phone and doesn't use up a lot of data. The Microsoft/Google spat is still going strong, and my Windows phone does not have an official Google Plus app. There are other apps, but they're awful.

So what does my return bring? Another Of Note is on it's way to finish off the month of February. That will make three Of Notes in a month, which is a personal best. It won't always be like this, so temper expectations to one or two a month. My YouTube channel will be updated soon. The Virtual Writing Group at this time won't be regular, but it will be updated with a regularity, if you catch my drift. Vlogs, still one a weekend. In all honesty, there may be a slight lull, but everything will be back to normal.

Any slowdown in scheduled things can be preemptively applied to the mess ups to the new wireless system. For some reason, every few minutes it likes to go into a "limited connection" mode. I'm not at a 100%, more like 80% back up to speed. That's enough of my boring personal update, I need to get back to work. This book isn't going to write itself.