Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog Chain


I'd like to thank Steve Warren for inviting me for this blog hop, a term I had no idea about previously. It's a very cool idea, and I hope it continues forward. At the bottom of the post, I included links

1.) What am I working on?

I'm somewhat superstitious about announcing anything before it is ready to be shown, as the world has a way of disrupting plans. Luckily, I've crossed the threshold on my next novel, a sequel to my first, The Dragon's Tear. I don't have a name for it yet, which is typical, as The Dragon's Tear had its name picked two weeks before it released.  Names don't bother me too much.

To call it a sequel is somewhat of a stretch, as it's the second half of the story of what began in TDT. The idea I had when I started writing was novel with two distinct parts, the first half the adventure, and the second half as the aftermath. What I ended up realizing was the two parts conflicted with each other. One was an action packed journey, the other was slow with heavy emphasis on character interaction. I split them into two novels to make them workable, as well as to avoid the reader expectation clash that would happen. It would have felt very bipolar.

2.) How does my work differ from others in the genre?

My works are in the Heroic Fantasy sub-genre, with obvious cues from Robert E. Howard and his Conan the Barbarian series. Not the movies, which I love (even Conan: The Destroyer), but the stories. I love the heavy emphasis on the characters and the ambiguity of their actions; they've always fascinated me more, than Epic Fantasy. The Dragon's Tear has more of a Thriller take on the story, and the sequel is more of a suspense route. I like works that don't meander and waste my time, so I write fast and to the point. Something important has to happen at all times to keep me interested. That's what I feel makes a good story, and so, that is what I write.

3.) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I want to read. Whenever I read a book, watch a movie, or play a game, it's usually close or similar in what I want to see, but never exactly what I want. It's a specific want that when I see something comparable, I go, "It's great, I just wish they did X, Y, or Z. It would have been perfect." Sometimes I see other people want those things as well. I figure, if I want it, others must want it too.

Great characters and intriguing relationships are what interest me. I love seeing how characters react to different events, and how that affects them in association with everyone else.

4.) How does my writing process work?

I start each novel with an outline before beginning the heavy work. The process is more in-depth than a normal idea of what is expected in an outline.  I plan out how many chapter there will be, and then I go through each one writing the dialogue for characters. When I'm done, a good 35%-45% is completed, so the outline is a fully functioning skeleton. It also happens to read like a play. It's this way I can develop each character and make them unique, as well as have the entire plot written out. When I go to write prose, I have everything that happens. No spots where I'm stuck and don't know how characters react, or unsure of where I'm to go next.

Each novel gets its own journal. I write my stories out by hand, from start to finish, so I buy journals to keep all the information in. It all must be written in pen, so that there is a permanence to the idea. I'll always have a memento to look back on, and there is no worry about losing anything with computer trouble.

Previous Links:

Here are some the previous participants of this Blog Hop. Do go and check them out.

Steve Warren "Steve Warren is the author of the Undead Chronicles. He also wrote the screenplay for an independent horror film that's scheduled to begin production in Spring 2014. He lives on the Black Planet and enjoys running around in its radiation."

E. J. Russel "E.J. Russell holds a BA and an MFA in theater, so naturally she’s spent the last three decades as a financial manager, database designer and business intelligence consultant. She returned to her childhood love of writing fiction after her twin sons learned to drive and she no longer spent half her waking hours ferrying them to dance class.

Her daily commute now consists of walking from one side of her office to the other — from left-brain day job to right-brain author cave — where she’s perfected the fine art of typing with a cat draped across her wrists and a dog attached to her hip. Her stories include gay and straight characters because her life includes gay and straight characters (as does everyone’s)."

Laurel Wilczek "A graduate of Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa., Laurel writes literary fiction, fantasy and magical realism. Her short stories have appeared in T-Zero Literary Magazine, The Forward Papers, and Be a Better Writer. Writing under the pen name, Ravenne Law, Laurel enjoys exploring the dark fantasy in the short story and novel length format. Her entry, Spells & Tells, placed first in 2013 Rose City Romance Writers' Golden Rose Contest in the Novel with Strong Romantic Elements Category. Laurel is a member of Savvy and Writers' Village University. In her spare time she mentors young writers for the yearly Nano Wrimo Challenge at her local library. Laurel lives with her husband, son, and three nosy dogs in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania."

E. W. Gibson "E. W. Gibson studied at École Parsons á Paris and received a BFA in Painting. In essence, her art training took place in the museums across Europe and the UK during the ten years she spent traveling with her husband. Ahhh, Paris, she sighs in her sleep.

For her, painting and writing reside beyond the right or left-brain. Like more south, where the heart and dreams blossom. Of course, she admits to being a little way out there. So, it makes sense her stories are about off-the wall characters on a quest of the heart not unlike the Richard Bach quote, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

She must be doing something right because she was a finalist in the 2013 Golden Rose and the 2013 Golden Palm."

Gina Fluharty "I've been making up stories for years. Just ask Georgina, the stuffed monkey that's been with me since the cradle. It's a wonder I didn't talk her furry brown ears off growing up. Of course, the stories I used to tell her bear no resemblance to what I write now.

I am passionate about exploring the "what ifs" of the paranormal world and hope I've added enough of a twist to keep you turning the pages. I will warn you now, don't pick up my books if you object to the following: hot sex, bloody violence, ribald humor, alcohol-induced shenanigans, incredibly foul language and a certain irreverence for organized religion. DO however pick them up if any of the above gets your mental juices flowing faster than a Road Runner on high-octane birdseed.

Since I'm currently seeking publication, you'll have to forgive me for whetting your appetite. It's a competitive world out there but I aim to be a contender.?