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Of Note (January 6th, 2014)


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Hugh Howey: Why Don't People Complain About Other Indies?

Hugh Howey is great, and not because he is also a South Florida writer like me, he's honest. Authors, writers, whatever name you want, tend to be an overly self-critical bunch. Negative comments and reviews can pull us down. Is it because they must feel special and powerful by breaking down another's work for the satisfaction of breaking it down? I don't know, but it sure feels like it. Howey's rebuttal is the perfect way to clear out the dark clouds that hang over us certain days.

How My Novel Climber 97,388 Amazon Places In A Single Morning

The Dragon's Tear climbed the Amazon charts quickly when it was first released, making it into the top 100 of Dark Fantasy for both the ebook version and physical edition. Amazon's algorithm is a wild experience. It takes into account how many sales are happening, and at the rate they are selling. From what I've seen, Amazon updates every four hours how sales are.

Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors

I recommend taking a good look on number 3 on the list. It is a reality that affects everyone, not just self-published writers. In this day and age, everyone will expect the author to do the heavy lifting. Create a balance, and find out will work on a personal level.

Top Five Ebook Publishers in 2013

Of the top five publishers in 2013, Self-Published writers are number three, beating out two traditional publishers. This is huge news for us Indies, as we can empirically see ourselves as a rising force in the marketplace.

How to Take a Break from Blogging

Over the past few weeks, I had a small break from blogging. I didn't stop in my tracks, but I didn't keep writing about writing either. I wrote about what I enjoyed, games, and relaxed for the holidays. This is something everyone needs to keep in mind, it is not healthy to always be "on" year around.

Don't Give Up! Inspirational Books, Blogs for Writers

Need something to get the creative energies going? Randy Ross put together a list of not just books to read, but blogs to follow. Keep this for those rainy days.

The Best Way to Market Ebooks With a Limited Budget

For those who don't want to do a lot of reading, there is a video at the end of this article. I imagine it's easier to read the article than spend the ten minutes watching a video on Youtube, but the option is there. A great way to assess the many ways of marketing. Most of us don't have the money of established authors, or we haven't hit the lottery, so this is an invaluable tool to get started.

Writing 101: Exchanging Favors

Favors is the world's lifeblood. No one can make it, without helping out others. I certainly wouldn't be here right now, if it wasn't the help and patience from people I've met, and people I've never even talked with. This Works to See is my way of giving back, in the same way I've been helped.

Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, and forcing yourself to edit

Writers of all kinds are entrepreneurs, and as entrepreneurs, we must evolve and adapt to the world around us. Act by yourself, as you would in the most important professional setting of your life. Be the best you can be, always strive to be better, and never be discouraged by anything or anyone. It is the way forward, and there are others around to help.

World if Tiaera: Medieval Holiday Terms

Here is one for my fellow fantasy writers. Terms to help bring the fantasy to a reader's reality. There's no need to go overboard and make a manuscript  obsessively difficult to follow, but it doesn't help to add a little color to a story.

What kind of writer are you?

A fun online test. I wouldn't read too much into it, given that the options are lacking in choice. It is hard to judge one's own style, so give it a try to get an abstract result.

Kindle Countdown Deals Show Huge Increase in Book Sales for Authors

The two newest additions to Kindle Direct Select members are the Kindle Countdown and Kindle Matchbook. The Kindle Countdown, worth it. Take a look to see why, it's a tool specifically to help authors. The Kindle Matchbook feels more like it was intended to help traditional publishers. The crossover to have someone buy the physical copy, and then the ebook copy, seems small to me.

Four Unspoken Promises All Authors Make to Readers

The first two numbers in the list are the most important to proper storytelling. They're in general good things to know and keep in mind. The last two, not so much. A good book cover is a topic all it's own, it is know, it is obvious, it goes above unspoken, it's innate. Tone is the most fun to play with the reader. Experiment, have sad endings, have happy endings, have likeable characters, have unsatisfying conclusions. Always make sure that they work as intended. I once saw an author try to defend his poorly written characters as, deliberately unlikable. Sadly, the majority of his characters were not only unlikable, but painfully uninteresting. Be smart about it.

Fractal World Generator

More for the fantasy and or science-fiction writers who have to create worlds. It can be difficult coming up with different landmasses and maps, so have one randomly generated for you.

The Only 3 Things You Need to Be a Writer

These are about what one needs to be a writers. A backstory, an obsession, and a reader. Everything else is to help cook the stew.

"Connect With Readers One Person at a Time"

This is the golden rule of marketing. What separates a writer of twenty years with one of two months? It's not the size of their social media followers. It's the one on one connection that the former has spent years on, and that the latter cannot replicate by mass spamming.

Self-Publishing Resources from Author Megan Joel Peterson

Imagine what I do here, but a thousand times more helpful. That is in fact, an accurate metric of measurement. Be sure to bookmark this article for later use. An amazing resource.

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