Thursday, January 23, 2014

Delays No Longer Exist


The past few days I've done no work. Zero. Nothing. I've been under the weather with this change in season here in South Florida. Normally, Winter is business as usual in terms of clothing, shorts, sandals, sun screen. We don't have seasons, our plants are green year around. Well, the change has happened. It's usually cold for a week, maybe a few days, and it goes in random spurts. I was not prepared for what it would do to my allergies.  My head was throbbing and body was sore. It sucked, so I did what I could and rested with plenty of movies, food, and video games. Sort of like what a doctor recommends.

After that, the work I needed to get done had built up to a sizable mess. A large list of still and and unfinished to-dos. I put down a piece of paper, found my best pen, and made a list. In an afternoon, I finished half of it. Easy, I'll just continue on forward. It brings up a good point, am I catching up, or am I right on track?

Some of it is related to writing, but the majority of the list was other things. Responsibilities and obligations that don't involve me writing books. I'm my own boss, my own internal drive. What everything came down to was, there is no need to worry about keeping up my own imaginary deadlines and expectations. Being on my own is my perk. This is a brave new world, a world without delays.

I've met and worked with a variety of people, and it can be apparent who can keep up a workload, and who can't. The reason I enjoy writing is that I can count on myself. Teams have members who can let you down, other people can find out and decide that they're not that passionate anymore, and stop. Writing is my domain, and I should stop being such a jackass about myself to it.

Life will never be ideal or make things easy to achieve what we want to achieve. That's ok, because we can do it, as long as we help ourselves. Let's not give the opposition another person in their ranks.