Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why stick with a traditional blog host


Blogging is all the craze this holiday season, it's in the air. Everyone seems to be talking about it, everyone wants to know what's the correct way to go about it.

I was asked this question, "Why not use Tumblr or other popular sites to blog instead?" It's a good question to ask. Tumblr, Facebook, sites that allow for long posts to be put up, they can also be used to blog. If someone wants to try really hard, they can cram Twitter in as well. As I mentioned before, even YouTube Vlogs (Video-blogs) count in this equation. I've seen all the above used in successful blogging, but my answer remains, "No."

Why, "No." It stems from reliability, or better said, perceived-reliability. When using a traditional blog site, like WordPress and Blogger, there is a feeling that nothing will happen to them; they'll always be around. It's not true that either site will always be with us, but it gives that facade. Problems do arise, such as WordPress having to fight back against harmful DMCA accusations, so there is a reason to look elsewhere. What looks to be the case against these sites is the audience migrating away.

The fear of new sites is people latch on to the newest thing their friends are on. MySpace had to deal with this head-on, and we see they never recovered, sorry Justin Timberlake. Tumblr is popular now, but will it still be popular in two or three years? Maybe it will and I'm a naysayer, who will be proven wrong by the passage of time. That can happen. I have trust in WordPress and Blogger sticking around and always having a conducive community, because they have lasted. George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, still uses LiveJournal, so it shows a community can survive after its limelight.