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Of Note (December 6th, 2013)

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Amazon reveals quarter of Kindle ebook sales in US were for indie publishers

I don't like this news, I love it. Self-published authors have nearly destroyed the stigma in a few short years. We have a track record, we have a standard, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

How To Be An Authorpreneur

Authors are not just writers, they are small business owners. It's an important distinctions to make, because so many expectations and responsibilities follow from it. An author who only writes doesn't exist. Authors have to write, market, edit, search out help, make judgement calls, and a host of other things one would normally relate to what a small business owner must do. Small businesses, like restaurants and retail shops, have to go months before establishing themselves, and it can still take years before the business takes off. We authors like to think our works will catch on fire on their own, but the truth is they don't. A lot of hard work has to go into it.

7 Craft Lessons Every Writer Must Learn

It's good to look at these and recognize what we do well, and what we struggle in. Not everything in the list has to be followed, but it's well worth it to consider each one in what they offer.

10 Twitter Tips Writers Need to Know

Twitter is something I use on a daily basis. I may not use it correctly, but I found out what works for me. I've used some of these ideas, and I've rejected a few. The important aspect is to find what works for you, and become dedicated to it. The modern author has to be always connected. It's part of the deal, whether we like it or not.

Publishing on Amazon, Smashwords, and Goodreads

With the horse blinders on, it's easy to assume Amazon is the only game worth playing. They hold the majority of the market for indie writers, and have built a sizable network in promoting and growing the self-publishing scene. We have options, like Smashwords, and that should not be ignored.

This is How Huge Door-stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made

I find the behind the scenes stuff like this fascinating. Yes, I'm the kind of guy who likes How It's Made, so seeing thing is cool to me.

10 Strategies for Pushing Through Each Draft

The beginning to this article is magical. It's what we all say, "Just do it. Write every day." but it's more than that. To boil writing down to that phrase is simplifying it to the point of distortion.

My Favorite Writing Cheat Sheets

I have a few resources I call on in specific instances when I need help. We all have them, it can make a problem be solved in ten minutes, or an hour. The most helpful on the list, for me, are for Body Language and Walking. Body Language is simple, it's showing and not telling. The synonym for walking would have been useful for me a couple of months ago, since a majority of my book was about traveling.

7 Biggest Lies Writers Tell Themselves About Their Books

All seven lies are what we've all told ourselves. Number three relates directly with Authorpreneurs in having to do more than simply write. I can see why number seven is a big one. Editors are expensive, and a manuscript needs either a really good editor, or two editors to clean it up properly. These are all problems we have to tackle on each new project, so don't let it get you down.

10 Essential Life Lessons Learned From Publishing a Book

When I finished The Dragon's Tear, I felt like a completely different person. I actually had the dedication and will power to take a book to completion; a year and a half ordeal. Writers learn about themselves when they spend that kind of time doing something they love. The number on the list I especially love is number three. Perfects and A+'s don't exist outside of school. Everything is fluid and gray, so don't be the kind of person who's day is ruined when they get an 85 on a test.

What Distinguishes the Most Successful Author... From You?

Everything pointed out here is spot-on, there's no two ways about it. Put this under must read.

A Life Worth Writing About

When I went through a particularly painful part of my life, I was given a piece of advice, "Have you ever been to a monster truck show? You should go to one, just to say you've done it." Take the time to enjoy yourself, take the time to enjoy each day, and the writing will follow.

Which Social Network is Best for Authors?

The eternal social networking question. I've given my thoughts on the matter plenty of times, but the article points out a few that I never covered.

The Author With the Biggest Mailing List Wins

This article, and number of other ones, are the reason I have started my mailing list. In today's world, we like to thin all the new kinds of social media have killed the newsletter. It's a terrible assumption to have, so let's remove it from our minds. Create a mailing list, and figure out how many times a year you want to use it. Every three months? Seasonally? Annually?

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