Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Game of the Year


It's the end of the year, and an end to my small vacation where I got to play games. To finish off this year, I'll be doing what a lot of other people are doing, a Game of the Year. And my GOTY goes to, Tomb Raider.

It's no surprise, I've talked about Tomb Raider being my favorite title released this year on Twitter. Nothing else really held my attention like Tomb Raider. I played through the single-player campaign a full three times, on of them with a 100% playthrough. I put in an easy thirty hours on the multiplayer. There really is not much else to this decision, it's a damn fine game.

The combat feels great, and the automatic cover system Crystal Dynamics put in is as natural as breathing. Set-pieces are exhilarating and well made, and there are many of them. I was not expecting as much game as I received. A big escape halfway in, signaled to me that I was near the end. I was not, and surprised that the game kept on going.

Tomb Raider's multiplayer portion is a sad state of affairs. The weapon and trap mechanics made this mode feel unique among all the third person shooters out, and it was sent out without love. There is a real potential lying here, and I hope others give it a try while there is still something of a community around.

Tomb Raider has problems, it's not perfect. There are many game design flaws to pick apart, but they don't deter the overwhelming great quality on display. I like cinematic action games, and Tomb Raider is one of the finest out on the market. Double dipping is something I tend to shy away from, and the new Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a must buy for me.

Nothing else released this year has kept me in such a grip, so the honor of Game of the Year goes to Tomb Raider.