Saturday, November 16, 2013

Writing and Social Media

Social Media

An update on my social media uses and what I will be doing with them from now on. All links to my handles can be found in the "About" page on the top.

It may seem a little confusing on how I use Twitter and Google Plus, which are my main social avenues. I share articles and links to what interests me, and what I find helpful. A cute video of puppies playing together can pop up right after a link to the current trend of E-book sales. When I find articles on storytelling, I post that too. I want my channels, which is open for the world to see, to be a beneficial source of information. I wouldn't be writing without a few people graciously giving out step-by-step guides and encouraging links, so I want to do the same.

What I'll do is once every week or two, I'll funnel all the articles in that given time into one blog post. That should ensure everyone is given a fair chance to see the information, whether it's during the week or in a few months. Look out for the specific tag word I'll use, so it is easier to find the other posts.

I don't use Facebook. I know many people do, and I've read the numerous articles that state Facebook is THE social media site for authors to connect with reads. The truth is, I hardly use Facebook for my personal account. Google Plus and Twitter have been so great to me in interacting with others, that I don't see the need for Facebook. Maybe one day I will, but for now, I have my hands full with what I have.

My Goodreads author account is live. I have used Goodreads for some time, but as a reader, so it is cool to be on there as an author with my work. I went ahead and put my book on Shelfari, but it's been trouble to link myself as the author. Apparently, when putting my name in, a short list of Chris Westons pop up. Since the other Westons have more works than me, I am not available to be chosen as the author. It sucks, but what can I do?

Comments are disabled on the website, so use any of the other links if you want to say something to me. It was done for convenience. With all the links up above, I already have a lot going on. It helps not to be totally open to the world.