Sunday, November 17, 2013

Up and Going


It's live. The Dragon's Tear is officially available on Amazon for both in both digital and physical copies. The Kindle Store is hosting the digital version, while CreateSpace will print the physical books when it is ordered. It's all very exciting.

It was nearly two years ago when I started writing the story. Things looked different, it was not a fantasy novel and no dragons were in sight. The Dragon's Tear began as a crime novel. What happened in the transition was I stopped at a crossroads in the story. Two versions existed at the same time, and I couldn't choose one over the other. One was a fast and an action-packed ride through the worst of what a city has to offer. The other was a slower tale with little action involved and more character-exploration. At the time, I worked on a short story fantasy-satire which was going nowhere fast. I decided to combine two of them, sort of like recycling.

The slow-paced, character-driven crime story stayed, and the action version was melded together with the fantasy idea. A blend of heroic fantasy and a thriller is what The Dragon's Tear final state became. The process is tough and I am in awe that I can hold a copy of my finished product, with all the positives and negatives.

Some people become obsessed when the term, "Flawed" comes into use. They will tweak, change, cut, and rewrite the original idea to get rid of it. Me, not so much. Flaws are natural and normal. Everyone has flaws, and the people who actively try to remove them, usually pay a lot of money to be on the receiving end of a scalpel. Blemishes, beauty marks, it's what makes us who we are, and the same goes for our works. Let the works be who they are, not what we think people want to see. It's not healthy any other way.

Now I am at the part most authors don't want to do, the marketing. Up to this point, I haven't told many people that my book is available for sale. I wanted to wait as my Amazon page was nicely filled out with all the information it needed. There's nothing worse than showing things off before they are ready. This Monday, I will start. The product page has connected both versions, so there's no more reason to wait around.

The book is out!