Monday, November 18, 2013

Of Note (November 18th, 2013)


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5 Way To Deal With People Who Hate What You Write

Excellent advice when dealing with reviews of your work. Another thing to remember, as writers, is the point of audience. Not every book can appeal to everyone. For the most part, even if it's something we don't like, we can tell the quality of the work. Not everyone does this, and they will harshly criticize something, because they just don't like it to begin with. The more and more we write, we should start changing our language like, "good" or "bad", and switch to, "That wasn't for me."

Writing Wednesday -- Creative Writing Prompts!

Sometimes that little boost we need can be simple. I have done thought experiments to get my in the right viewpoint for a character.

18 Months of Social Media: One Writer's Progress Report

Social media is a huge part in our lives. We're constantly barraged with new ways to integrate our accounts through different websites, it's symbols are splattered on our products, and we have easy reach through our phones. And somehow, we're still having trouble on how to properly utilize it to benefit us. To get by with writing, we have to be connected. This is an interesting article in how people interact with writers on social media.

BISG: Consumer Attitudes to Ebook Reading

With the Ebook revolution well underway, it's important to understand how people view it. One of the most interesting bits, is that consumers are less caring if a book is published by a traditional publisher or not. This is a giant step is evaluating the quality of a work independently. Writers have always wanted their works to be judged on their quality, and it looks like consumers are on board with that idea as well.

Why Procrastination Doesn't Need a Cure--And Might Even Make You More Productive

We have plenty of articles telling us how to be more busy, but maybe we should take a step back and let procrastination run its course. Instead of trying to fight procrastination, let's understand its benefits and work with it.

Future Publishing Growth Depends on Pricing and Sourcing of Subscription Models

Self-publishing is constantly evolving year after year. While it may seem far-fetched to think of streaming services for books, it is a discussion to be had. Things could very well go that way. If streaming is viable, how does it work? Can anyone stream? How would artists receive payment for their months, if not years of work? What is the best way of taking care of our artists?

6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health

I personally feel a lot better after I write with pen and paper. Ideas in our heads are abstract, but we can turn them real by writing them down. It's easier to formulate a plan once it's been written down, and as it happens, it's easier to fix and adjust and problems by just seeing it written out.

10 Ways to Jump-Start Your Writing When You Just Don't Feel Like It

That boost we need to start writing comes in many forms, which happen to change daily. Grabbing a bite to eat, a drink, or even a walk can work one day and not the other. Always look for a new way to let the creativity out.

Bowker Self-Publishing Report: 2012

Authors need to check on the writing landscape every day, and the people who give us our ISBNs would know the best. Things such as, authors viewing themselves as business owners, or which services best help authors, have great impact on what is happening every day.

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