Sunday, November 10, 2013

More in the Process of Publishing


The past few days have been different than I expected. I can see why publishing has so many hands involved; formatting, editing, uploading, marketing, they feel like full time jobs.

The trouble with CreateSpace is over, a bump in the road in the scheme of things. I sent an email to the CreateSpace team, a day later I received a response, and my issue was gone. My physical book can now be distributed in North America and Europe when I approve the proof copy. That should be sometime later this week.

The whole process is time-consuming. The proof copy takes a day to be reviewed, then it takes a week for the copy to arrive in the mail. The corrections will take another day to go through, and that is not counting the additional week it will take to link to my Amazon account. Self-publishing is lighting fast, but as it is, everything is relative.

My Kindle version is up for sale, that took no time whatsoever. I am still fixing a few issues with that, such as the font. My page count on the ebook is 145 pages, but the physical book runs to 262 pages. This can give someone the wrong idea. The Dragon's Tear is on the shorter end, but not 145 short. I beefed up the font to 12pt to see if there will be any difference. Nope. I can set my font to 1pt and it wouldn't matter, e-readers automatically adjust the font to screen. I would like it at 170-180 pages. That would be nice.

Once the physical copy is available for purchase, I'll start my marketing. I want all my ducks lined in a row before I begin.