Thursday, November 7, 2013

Almost There

Watch Yourself

I have gone through CreateSpace and Kindle to publish The Dragon's Tear and buddy, I have a few stories. Nothing is available for purchase at the moment, so links will be updated on the site when it happens.

My experience with Kindle was good, magical even. I had set up my tax information last month, so the grind of reading and filling out notes was over. The guide to publishing finished before I thought it began. Amazon has truly gone out of their way to make self-publishing a scare-free process. I put in the title, description, picked the correct categories, found some keywords, and uploaded. After that, a digital previewer pops up and shows me what my book looks like on different tablets, as well as on a smartphone. When I pushed the Continue button afterwards, it was over. A message told me it would be up in a few days.

Hassle-free, I loved it. I can't say the same thing with CreateSpace. Don't get me wrong, the process was very similar. Pages were easy to navigate, directions were clear, the website doesn't throw any curve balls. My problem stems from my Distribution Channel, or lack thereof. Where Kindle received all my tax and bank information smoothly, CreateSpace can't register where I live. As a result, I can not sell a physical copy of my book.

I'm sure it's a glitch of some kind, and is not indicative of CreateSpace's functionality and ease of use, but I can't help but feel a little down. The act of choosing self-publishing as a path is a scary one, and little bumps in the road can feel like earthquakes. The Dragon's Tear won't be for sale anytime soon.

My proof copy doesn't arrive until next week, so I don't need all my information in now. Hey! I'm almost there!