Sunday, September 29, 2013



The new manuscript is coming together. I feel as if I figured out my routine. The outline is part way written by hand, and in October I will be typing out the first draft. In the hopes of not cursing myself I'll keep the details away for now, but this new project is strong. A lot stronger than my freshman effort. This has more to do with it being less "experimental" if that is the proper word. Some of my alpha readers expected something else, rather than what it was, and told me, brutally. Overall good impressions, so I have that to cheer me up.

My YouTube channels are expanding at an alarming rate. I have to deal with my personal channel, as well as Game 'N Pals; which can be overwhelming at times. A new RPG Let's Play is up. Legend of Legaia was chosen as the next project to tackle. A very fun and charming RPG that deserves more credit than it got during its era.

With all my "stuff" out of the way, I should be back to blogging more. We are in fall and approaching winter, which means the video game industry will whirl itself into a feeding frenzy. Two new next-generation consoles hit the market. I'm sure things will be explosive, to say the least. In the movie industry, people are going out again and studios have prepped an exciting line up of films from here until December. To be honest, I'm looking forward to the January schlock. Expect reviews on things to hit the blog.

That's it for the September update. I have a few topics ready to discuss, and October will be a big month for me. Until next time.