Monday, August 5, 2013

Out and Gone

The Pain

After a twenty hour stint of staying awake and writing my brain is out, it's finished. My eyes hurt, my neck hurts, my everything is tired from the marathon session that was the alpha copy of my manuscript.

All in all, I didn't manage to complete everything I wanted to complete. I missed out on a full read through, from the first chapter to the twenty-ninth, I couldn't replace most of the over utilized "small" words, although I did remove  the overwhelming majority of my big overused words. My biggest regret is being several thousand words away from "finished"

I had to remove two poetry chapters, because it was five in the morning and I didn't feel poetic.  In multiple chapters I knew a few hundred words were missing here, and few hundred words missing there. When I wrote the chapters they were bare bones. They existed to hit the story beats, but not to provide much else like world building.  About three chapters suffer from that problem heavily, the others are little more than a touch up.

I am proud of the final product (at this moment) and all the work I put into it. A year and a half ago, I knew nothing about what it takes to make a story, or even how to begin.  With the writing program Scrivener I've been using in July, I just found out how to properly format a chapter! What I would do is tab after every paragraph, because it looked correct enough. I know, amateur hour.

I'm out of the heavy lifting. Blog posts will become more frequent and I have some YouTube channel stuff planned to be revealed soon. Until then, I'm going to sleep.