Monday, August 12, 2013

On Resting


Adapt or die. I said it in the last post, and it is what I live by. Not a plan goes accordingly, so it is best to work with what happens. This past week I've done little writing.

Not that no writing has taken place, only small amounts. Funny enough, I am still on target for my new daily word count. Somehow in fifteen and twenty minute spurts, I wrote three and a half thousand words for the new story that is being developed. A little extra breathing room, as it were. I used this time to work on a few other things unrelated, but ultimately related to writing.

I cleaned up my office. A large L-shaped desk has been cluttered all of July, so with this time I managed all the junk and put everything away. My room needed a proper go through as well. Exercise is important, so I've been using those muscles again. In short, in July I lived like a human slug to finish the novel. I couldn't take having a Work In Progress anymore. I wanted it, needed it, done. having clean rooms eases the mind, and exercise is a great stimulant. Don't ignore these things, they alter the creative experience.

Reading is an activity that is hard to start up once you leave it alone for some time. Same deal, last month I put the brakes on nearly everything that wasn't finishing the novel. My GoodReads account is telling my I'm 46% behind schedule on finishing twenty books this year. With a backlog of unread books, it's my pursuit to got back on the wagon. Expect more book reviews to pop up on the blog.

A productive few days to be sure. The writing front is a little dry, but it is allowed to be. Sometimes it's fine to let a few things slide.