Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Day, New Routine


With the completion of my Alpha Copy Manuscript, I felt like I deserved a break. After a full two three days of laying around and doing nothing of worth, I decided to hop right back to writing.

My first work to the blog is to post about Boner-Guilt. After a year and half stretch of pouring my heart, soul, and creativity into a project; the first thing I do is follow it up with boners. That says a lot. Tongue in cheek aside, the vacation was nice, but I yearned to work again. When I wake up in the morning to put in a thousand words, I feel good.

Common writing advice is when one project is finished, start a new one. That is exactly what I'm doing, and my hope is to spread the work around a little more evenly this time. More blog posts, more videos, more of seeing me. Blog posts will become more frequent, perhaps three or four a week. Videos will take a little longer, but I have something big planned for that, so naturally it will take longer. I was also a bit of a ghost in July on Google+, Twitter, and GoodReads; not anymore. Check out the website somewhere to find links to those.

The next few days will be a learning process for me as I begin a new routine to start on. I plan for it to be easy and comfortable, but after a year and a half of bucked expectations, I assume now that it will be divergent and idiosyncratic. Well, I can't find out by posting on my blog. Until next time!