Monday, August 19, 2013

Minimum Work

Work, work.

Creating a thousand words a day is serious work. Writing is hard, it is why it's called Hard Work. The act doesn't require strenuous use of muscles, but it does require a large amount of time and dedication.

Breaking it down puts it all into perspective. At least, it should put your want and desire of writing into perspective. There are 365 days in a year, the bare minimum for successful writing is 500 words a day for 300 days. That means anyone can take two months off a year. Relax, kick back, have a Kit-Kat™.

Not everyone can be creating all the time, so two months off is plenty for an hour's worth of work at most. Crunching down the numbers reveals an uplifting outlook at the prospects. A year totals up to 150,000 words. That's three novels at 50,000 words, two novels at a pleasantly plump 75,000 words, or one 150,000 word epic. Incredible.

Of course, in relation to my post, Drive, people say they want to be writers, but they don't want to particularly write. Which is a shame, because that's as easy as it gets. There are some real problems to writing all the time with no breaks, but creating the habit is just too good to pass up.

Keep that in mind while deciding writing is right for you. Can you handle about three hundred hours a year, if you don't like what you're doing?