Saturday, July 6, 2013

Purposes of a Blog


I feel like this is a well worn topic for me. The blog. What to talk about? Does anyone want to read what I have to say? The upsides of helping run a writing group is what are the topics members want to talk about. Blogs come up every so often with new members or veteran members placing a foot in the untested waters of their personal website.

My crazy idea for the use of a blog is write what you want to talk about. Make it narrow and specific if you want to only put up content on a narrow and specific topic. An example would be a movie, music, fitness, etc... blog. Attracting readers can only happen if you stick to that one topic, or anything else that topic interacts with. There are plenty of examples to choose from, so look at what they do and start at that.

The other alternative is do what I do. Write about anything that interests you at the moment. I run a few different things ranging from writing, personal experience, video games, music,  and sports. Perhaps someone will like one thing and not care for the rest, so they stick around. Maybe they take the disconnected ramblings for nothing more than a wannabe LiveJournal. That's cool too.  I find I can't work on something very well if I don't like it to begin with, and that changes day to day.

Some people are amazing for sticking to one topic. I wish I could do something like that and make it a big deal. Hell, I'm surprised people are reading this thing anyways. To all other WordPress users who Like my posts, I see them and it makes me happy inside. The Comments section is disabled however, sorry about that. If I had to respond to every comment made on all my posts (And I would), there would be no work done on this novel!

I'm a little tired of writing about The Blog. The irony is, I'm learning something new each day I'm using it. Every day an interesting point is found or a totally new way at looking at a particular facet is seen. Can it be helped that it's tiring? The post stops here.