Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No Post Yesterday

West of January

This month is an experience knocking down at the door. I decided not to write a post. No, that's a lie. I shouldn't do that. Yesterday I did write a post, but didn't feel like publishing it. Not the best way to start off this "work everyday" attitude.

Today's post I would like to focus on Tuesday's post that was lost in the ether of cyberspace. This time I'm going to check my connection before hitting the Save Draft button. Camp NaNoWriMo is turning out fine. Word counts are more or less being reached on time. What I love about this challenge is the recent deals on writing programs. Last November the program, Scrivener, was discounted to participants. Luckily enough, it's also comes back for this month of July!

I had the chance to play around with Scrivener a little bit during NaNoWriMo and my impressions were positive. Very easy to use and versatile writing program. Notepads and cards are put in easy to reach places, so those important plot points are never forgotten. It even allows easy access to formatting for E-books! All participants for simply signing up get a 20% discount, while writers who reach their goals get a 50% discount on Scrivener. An already affordable program can be bought for a steal!

That information could be gleamed if anyone reads my Google Plus or Twitter accounts, which are somewhere on this website. I go through a different number of templates, so they are always in new areas. I have been keeping quiet on the Youtube front. A break helps rejuvenate the senses and allows me to get some actual work done. Recording video, audio, editing, and uploading are gigantic time sinks. And I use baseline open software stuff! I don't know how Youtubers with quality equipment do it consistently.

I am slowly working on those videos. The plan is to have enough done so I can release them over a period of time, so I don't have to work on something everyday, or every few days, just to put content on the channel. Little trick I learned on the Breath of Fire 3 videos that really helped my schedule. Expect some varied content halfway through the month.

These next few weeks I would like to focus primarily on the writing. Whether it's the novel writing or blog writing, I would like to get back on schedule. Confession time, I sort of fell off the wagon around a month and a half ago. Don't know what happened, but my routine was shot. I'll end up writing down the reasons I can retroactively inspect later; no need to bore everyone now. Needless to say, I want back in. Like the Youtube channel I want to release writing content regularly once more. Let's do this thing!