Friday, July 19, 2013

Nearing the End


The finish line is ever closer. I'm nearly finished with my first full edit on the debut novel. A few months ago it was a miserable heap of words and fragments. Nothing made sense, it was unintelligible from my jumping around. Over the past few months I've went in a (nearly) chronological order to connect all the dots.

By next week it will be finished. Done. Complete. Almost. This is the first big edit to make it functional, which makes it the biggest hurdle aside from writing process of no words to thousands. Once I finish this week I have four mini edits to start. Fun-sized edits. These will make sure I take out word clutches, like just and seem, then I have to fix the mess of tenses. I switched a third of the way through, so that needs to be ironed out. Next comes filling in blank names and places, now made easier with Scrivener's name generator. The final nail in the novel coffins is transition, meaning a full read through with minor writing involved.

Considering all things go well, I'll have alpha copies flying out by August 3rd. Exciting! It's a little disappointing all my energy is going into this novel and not my July NaNoWriMo project, but hey, as long as something is completed.