Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Weird Enough


No matter how strange an idea, no matter how you may think people will call it abnormal; it cannot be any more bizarre than Octavia Butler's "Bloodchild". Please don't let that statement discourage you, I'm sure that idea is wonderfully repulsive. What I mean to say is whenever the thought of, "This is weird, no one will like it." pops up, remember other have come before you with a Hugo in their hands.

We all have that moment of self doubt that ends up killing any momentum we have. It strikes at every inopportune time without fail. Getting a daily routine? Your characters are one-dimensional. Finishing up an important chapter? That doesn't make sense. Trying to edit an already complete manuscript? What a waste of good time. The point is all of those things are a fabrication of uncertainty.

I imagine it comes from the perception of our status. Beginning is tough. Learning all the tricks of the trade, the growing pains of having to put a stake in your own ideas. Let's worry less, and write more. It's the only way we can show our weirdness off, and hope to "Out weird" the competition.