Friday, June 28, 2013

Additional Variety

Breath of Fire 3

So if you've been following me on Google Plus or Twitter, I've been posting updates on my Breath of Fire 3: Breaking the Game. What it basically is is my play-through where I abuse the stat system to turn the game easy. This has been a very fun project to take on, even though it has nothing to do with writing a novel.

Participating in this isn't without its merits. I have learned to speak more confidently; don't mention to me that I'm literally speaking in an empty room, it's still nerve racking the first time. These videos also put content up on my channel, which is incredibly important for others. When they search out authors/content creators they expect content...easy enough to understand. It is forgotten from time to time is that any and all content matters. How else will they judge your views if they are not out in the open to be seen?

In these videos, I'm happy to say plenty of my outlook is out on display. My views on fantasy, what interests me storytelling-wise, and other miscellaneous quirks are all located within the eighteen videos. I also don't want to talk about writing all the time. Writers write and sometimes they write about writing, but enough is enough. The point is I'm not trying to draw in people with the Tricks 'N Tips™ of writing. Some people do that, and it's fine, it's just not me.

I like to use George R. R. Martin for example. He has a LiveJournal (Hah!) for a website and posts about once a week, sometimes several. It pains A Song of Ice and Fire fans when in the fall, that one post may be about the Jets. Well fuck off, that's his business to watch football and want to write about it. In the words of Neil Gaiman regarding ASOIAF fans, "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch."

The subconscious understanding that writers write about writing is stupid. Want to write about sports? Write about sports. Want to post a movie review? Post a movie review? Want to discuss the strict, but honestly terribly loose, mechanisms that define genres? Write about the strict, but honestly terribly loose, mechanisms that define genre!

Output is becoming so specialized and sterilized that it becomes commonplace. Some people may not care for my video game related content. Whatever, not my problem. Maybe they'll enjoy my fantasy-related talk.