Friday, May 10, 2013



Creative endeavors are hard, not exactly an earth shattering statement. Working on any one or several projects requires a commitment of time and energy. A lot of time and energy. People on the other side of the looking glass never can seem to understand this idea.

I am going to use writing as an example, because I am a writer and it is easier all around. Every week I set expectations and goals for myself that I break down into daily routines. Work on the day to day stuff and eventually I hit the week's assignment. A number of pitfalls present themselves along the way, but by following that advice I accomplish mountains of creation. Each day is not exactly fun. Each day is not exactly thrilling. Each week I hit my intentions, roughly.

If by some reason some person, who could only live in this example, asks to see my work; I can show all of it. Over a year's worth of a novel, blog posts, and video scripts are at my disposal. I can't have that wild spark of creativity to throw me in a fervor all the time. That would be exhausting. Instead I work my big beautiful brain to make the majority of work at will. The perfect word for it is work, considering that is what it is. I have the drive to work.

Drive is also a good word. Allows for an easy car metaphor to send the point home. I drive myself to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished. Taking a look inside reveals I have many miles on the car. Miles work the same way, by checking how long the car is in use and how many miles are in place. Some division shows what goes on in a typical year. I have a decent amount on list, due to my drive.

Some people say they would love to be able to do the same thing. It's as easy as moving from A to B.  I know, I do it. What they don't want to do is buy that particular car and have a daily commute. Tough shit, sorry. Nothing can be done for you. How about finding a car you do like and riding that wherever you want? I hear fishing is easier.

Want to get work done, then there is only one way to do it. Any and all excuses for not putting in the time and effort is an excuse. An excuse to stay a lazy nobody. Sounds harsh? That is the truth. The goal doesn't pertain to fame and riches, sometimes it's about accomplishing a goal, and no goal is unreachable. Go back to doing whatever you were before reading this, I have a word count to hit.