Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

I was a little disappointed that no one is talking about the multiplayer space for Tomb Raider. Yes, I was not very kind to it in my review, but somehow it weasled into my heart as my go-to online game. Strange, I know. Still, a community should exist for it, right? Not that I could find. To remedy this problem I'm going to post a few things to help out Tomb Raider players looking for a little advice.

Some Do's and Don'ts. Don't pay for the multiplayer maps. I bought the 1939 map pack and have never played with a group of people on them, even at peak online times. Thankfully no Online Passes can stop people, so playing the stock maps reveals plenty to choose from. Do buy skins and weapon packs. Here you can take them anywhere and they don't split the playerbase. I highly recommend picking up the Hitman: Absolution weapons, as they give the Silverballers, the only sidearm to use in the game. These lasted me from level 1 to level 60. Perfect amount of accuracy and firepower to them.

Learn how to play as Survivors and Solarii. The asymmetrical gameplay gives advantage and disadvantages to each. Survivors have a major advantage with the starting grenade launcher and should be the main special weapon. Survivors use Grenade Launchers and Pressure Mines, Solarii should stick only to Mines. As the Solarii, the fire bomb is near useless and will rarely give kills. The flash grenade is fun to use, but will not help much either. Stick to mines as they offer a lot of protection. The advantage Solarii have is the ability to zip across lines upwards that Survivors lack. This is a lifesaver and should not be ignored.

What makes Tomb Raider different from other third person shooters is traps and each level is filled with a metric ton. Use them. Set mines next to red barrels to increase the blast radius and kill enemies. Trigger spike walls so unsuspecting players will run right into them. Ropes help deter immediate reaction by forcing the jumping animation. Attempting to play traditionally will only end up killing you.

Learning maps is immensely important as well as having multiple weapon loadouts. Talking maps is a separate post, but don't put off finding the camping points and anti-camping points. Anyone trying to spawn camp another teams leaves themselves wide open for an arrow to the head, by virtue of the size of the maps. I have three mandatory weapon loadouts for all occasions. One is my bow and arrow to snipe campers, so satisfying. My second is a shotgun for close encounter stages, such as Monastery where most of the fighting happens in the building. Third is my long range assault rifle for my all around having fun set. These three are essential on both factions to deal with the bullshit that tends to spring up in matches.

Tomb Raider is a solid multiplayer experience the more and more I play it. With some of the complaints taken away in a recent patch, it's down right fun. Sad to see it receiving such a backlash and lack of support from the community. O well, that is out of my control.