Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider's Underground map


Underground is a strange map as it is small and long at the same time. Length between base to base is a relatively short distance with plenty of cover to hide advancement. Ziplines are available on both sides of the second story floors to fly across on. The submarine is what extends the map. Decent sniping points can be had if the player hides at their edges. A turret is stationed here, but rule of thumb means to ignore it.

Like Chasm, Underground has a level specific trigger. A few minutes into the match a loud siren can be heard to signal the opening of the submarine. Inside rests a console, press it to initiate a self-destruct sequence. Two reasons to press the button. It can change the game by cutting six minutes into two. If worried the other team will overpass you, pressing the button can give them less time to do it. Another reason is self-destruction sets off a large number of traps all throughout Underground. These traps are difficult to dodge and kill inidscriminately, so be careful.

Anecdote time. Jumping into one match my team proceeds to be slaughtered in the first round. The other team more than doubled us, and we had the grenade launchers. Start of second round we start a more offensive game. The score is much closer, although they are still in the lead. Once the submarine opened its doors I barely survive running into it and pushing the button. Because of the myriad of traps killing the other team, we handily won. This victory continues for the next round. By self-destructing the base I gave my team a fighting chance and caused the two top antagonists to rage quit partway through. Good times were had by all.

Survivors and Solarii

Both teams are on near even footing in this stage, so they both should be using the same advice. The symmetrical layout gives the two sides the same advantages in terms of manuevering. Survivors still have the grenade launcher, so keep that loaded up. Destroy the bridge in the middle as soon as possible and turn on the electricity. This will deter anyone from rushing forward with reckless abandon. The area around the turret is a major spot because of the two salvage crates next to it.

Attacking from the sides is ideal. A direct line of sight helps in aiming with any weapon and keeping players bunched together. Rarely do people take the middle way and turn to the sides, so they offer little in surprise attacks while moving forward.  The four corner rooms present a lot of cover, if there is a dire need to escape bullets, as well as openings to attack from long range.

Recommendation is all loadouts. Bow users should keep mines on, even if they're Survivors.  Placing one or two around for protection can save a life. Keep to the second floors, since they stall enemies from reaching you and give nice vantage points. Machine gunners can keep grenade launchers on, as a more offensive playstyle will be in use. Shotgun users should juggle, since bunkering down in a small room and waiting may yield best results.