Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider's Shrine map


One of my personal favorite levels. Shrine offers perfect salvage crate placement to aid in salvage grinding. One sits in the ravine, another on the Survivor's side of the fissure, hidden in the corner of the basement is a crate, and one is beneath the bird's nest. Keep an eye for the last one, the bulk of players will mindlessly go for it not minding their surroundings.

The Shrine itself is the hot spot on the map, although the area around the bird's nest is a close second. All the ways of traversal make firefights unpredictable and hard to pin down. Liberal placement of red barrels provide quick kills, along with excellent mine setups. Trigger rope traps to help ensnare many experienced players. Habits form rapidly, so attacking at different angles can be the edge that turns the battle.


Grenade launchers and mines become equally important here. Grenades lose their efficiency with all the explosive barrels, so if a grenade sets one off it loses a team advantage. Save grenades for areas inside and around the Shrine instead. Placing mines in high traffic locations can rack up a significant amount of kills not requiring the player to be there.

The three rope traps on the second floor of the Shrine should be the single context traps to focus on. A rope trap in the ravine catches people from time to time, don't let the Solarii use it either.

Recommendation is all loadouts. Given the nature of the map any tactic can work in gaining a foothold.


Solarii must play a defensive and preventative game. Control of the traps is a must to fend off Survivors from the Shrine. Base camping is an enticing tactic, but avoid doing so. A few well placed kills can have the team respawn at the base and lose a lot of ground.

Recommendation is all loadouts. Bows work best at long range, although friend respawns will lose the advantage. Assault rifles works best for long and close range encounters. Shotguns should stay in the Shrine at all times.