Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider's Monastery map


Knowing the locations of the salvage crates is critical in this map. One is at the ground level directly in front of the Solarii base. Hidden in the corner of the bottom floor of the monastery is another. For Survivors, a salvage crate is right in front of their base as well. The most dangerous crate to reach is outside the underpass ahead of the monastery. Be careful as a trap hangs overhead, so destroy it right away to be safe.

Majority of the action will take place in the monastery itself, typically the top third floor. Watch out and try to set up the two rope traps inside. Survivor's grenade launcher will have the clear advantage, but if Solarii players can place mines at chockpoints they will even the playing field out.

Players weilding assault rifles are best suited to the third floor. The firepower allows them to clean up the outskirts and control the center room. Bow users want to avoid the room and only stay along the edge. This gives the player a direct line of sight on the enemy while at the same time liming enemy player escape options. Shotguners should keep themselves to the center room. By doing so let's them take down enemies with one or two shots, at the same time providing enough ways of retreating in case things turn sour.

The map itself has all sorts of nooks and crannies which gives it room for all kinds of playstyles. Sniping is virtually possible all over and if one team is dominating, the other can rush forward with close-range attacks.


Survivors are always on the offensive. The monastery is the main hot spot, so that means a long run to reach it. It is beneficial to have one player with a bow to stay back and snipe the enemy team. Even if it only grabs their attention, their energy will focus on the sniper, not keeping an eye to the stairs behind them.

The monastery has a front door, open it. By having multiple quick entrances into the building helps the team push the Solarii back to the spawn camp.

Recommendation is all loadouts. Encounters change minute to minute, so use the best possible solution to the problem.


Having the monastery right in front of the base helps tremendously. Immediately start by placing mines in all key areas to catch Survivors. Split the team evenly into sniping and defending. Two players should always be on the lookout on the floor, while two others pick away incoming enemies.

Make sure the front door is closed at all times. Even though the Solarii base is close by, the respawn rate is slow enough that losing control is very possible.

Recommendation is all loadouts. If the enemy teams knows what they're doing, the Solarii will have to claw and scratch away at regaining the building.