Friday, April 26, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider's Chasm map


Chasm is a back and forth map. Action can transfer from Solarii base camp to Survivor base camp. Make sure your base camp is not the one being assaulted. A stage only feature is here with the sandstorm. A bell rings which summons a storm blocking all visibility, the catch is the team who rings it can still see who they oppose. Ringing the bell is instrumental to stop base camping and pushing back the fight.

Use the tunnels at all costs, if the sandstorm is used against you the tunnels bring back vision. In case of snipers run into the tunnels as quickly as possible avoid one hit kills. A salvage crate sits in the center room giving easy access to grenade/mine refills. Many players don't realize that roof traps can be found here, so shoot them when an enemy is underneath for a kill.


Survivors are at an immediate disadvantage. The Solarii have early access to the bell stopping any sort of anti-sniping from happening. Best course of action is to pick up the two salvage crates on the east and west ends and go into the tunnels. Pop out when the storm disappears and unleash grenades on the Solarii. Proceed to camp as the Solarii base is horribly under-protected.

Escaping from a spawn camp can be difficult with the open areas before the tunnels. Try taking side entrances and running as fast as possible to trigger the sandstorm. Even if killed, this will allow the team to escape across the map.

Recommendation is bows and machine guns. Sniping is the life blood in Chasm, more so than any other map. Machine guns will help make quick work of any unsuspecting snipers when sneaked upon.


Start off by ringing the bell to stop any good bow users from sniping. A good bow user can snipe from base to base, so it is important to stamp that out. Next is set mines next to the red barrels in the middle and by the tunnel exit next to the home base. If you know some Survivors are in the center underground room, shoot the wooden boards and the debris will kill all who stand under it. Activate the spike wall trap as only precise jumping will not trigger it. Traps are mandatory to slow down and finish incoming Survivors, activate each and every one.

What will be difficult is base camping the Survivor base as they are high up on the map. It is crucial to pin them behind the three wooden pillars or else they can run across the map.

If the spawn is besieged, use the rope ascender to escape and trigger the sandstorm.

Recommendation is bows and shotguns. As previously stated, sniping is a must for this stage. Solarii will be more up and personal than Survivors, so use the shotgun end encounters promptly. Use machine guns if Survivors are a good distance away from the base.n