Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tips: Tomb Raider's Beach map


Beach is one of the more popular maps in the game and it's easy to see why. Many vantage points to take control of, open areas to run through, tunnels to hide in, with plenty of electric rods to go around.

General information to know here are the two opposing sniping points. The most obvious one is the cliff with the bird's nest. Without a doubt expect this area to be the most heavily contested and most valuable. Multiple spots where players can rain down terror are the stairs, the pond, the wooden gap, and the bird's nest. This gives the optimal view of the map and chokes a game when two or three players working together hold it.

Remember not to try and take the cliff by going straight for it. Smart players will leave mines on top and below the stairs, along with mines on the walkway to alert the snipers. Mines may be placed below and on the bird's nest, stopping anyone from taking it. Instead take the anti-camping spot by using the other cliff across the map. A good player or two can wipe out the bird's nest with a few shots. Be warned that this cliff is far less protected, no matter the amount of mines put down.

Avoid the turret in the center of the stage. Temptation to jump on will only leave you immobile for a swift death. Do set the electric rod next to it, that will give at least one point per match.


The base spawn is one of the better spots in the game. A total of three salvage crates exist near it, two of which can be picked up safely. As with survivors, having the grenade launcher is a must and each survivor can carry multiple shots quickly by grabbing these crates. One crate is on the small path to the east right when dropping down. Two appear in the underground tunned, be warned, one is just past an exit and any wary Solarii will keep an eye out.

The bird's nest can quickly become impenetrable if the enemy team starts spawning on top and killing anyone trying to climb. Aim up and start hailing grenade until they are of a desired consistency.

Recommendation is machine guns and bows for this map. Sniping is the go to move for the Solarii, so try to counter snipe them until capturing a cliff. Machine guns have medium to long range accuracy that is needed to make short work of enemies.


The Solarii base camp allows quick and easy access to both cliffs, as well as an entrance into the underground tunnels. make sure to grab the bird's nest cliff as soon as possible, even if there are no plans to use it. Placing mines will deter any survivors from trying to take it and choosing more open areas instead. Halfway through a match go down into the underground tunnels and set both spike wall traps and the electric rod above one opening. An unsuspecting player will not be used to these traps being set and accidentally run into them. Solarii are not as mobile as Survivors in this stage, so try to keep a strong hold on both cliffs for the duration of the map.

Keep in mind only the Solarii have the rope ascender. This gives quick and unexpected access to both cliffs if the enemy team is holding them.

Recommendation is shotguns and bows for Beach. Survivors will have to run and climb directly to the cliffs, have a single shotgun blast take care of them as snipers pick them off.