Sunday, April 7, 2013



People loves brands, they love a name. McDonalds, Sony, Disney, etc... These companies give a certain feeling of belonging and comfort. Walk into someone's house and Toshiba may be etched into each electronic. Eavesdropping on two guys can reveal an argument if Mustangs are better than Chargers. Common squabbles are choosing MSNBC over FOX. All routine in their way and I don't get it.

In my younger days I had a much different outlook. The wordfanboy, could be appropriate in a sense. I loved video games since there was not much else to do. Never big into sports, so little league baseball is out of the question. Didn't read much either. Hours upon hours of my life were spent in front of a TV in different worlds. Games all seemed the same, the biggest difference being the actual systems themselves. Discovering the internet brought new streams of information and knowledge. Also message boards. Message boards with nerds. Not all nerds are created equal, they in fact will tell anyone the acute separation between they and them. It's long winded, has flowcharts, and specific points in culture. All of it utter piss in the wind.

Calling myself a fanboy is too much or it may exactly be what it is. I had a close connection to my Playstations for the personal enjoyment I have possessed over the years. There exist real fanboys in this world. The kind that name their child the same name as a developer. I'm not ashamed, I acted like one. Put down other consoles, series, etc... Same can be said for sports teams, cars, even carbonated drinks. That feeling of belonging to a larger group is nice. Empty, but nice.

Fast forward to the present reveals a completely changed person. A little thing called "growing up" took place. I went out into the world, found a job, discovered hobbies, and lived a little. Now a creeping apprehension is a part of me, I can't stand brands. In a clarifying statement, I can't stand too much of the same brand. I have a Playstation 3, I don't need more Sony in my life. A Mac rests on my desk, I don't need an Apple sticker on my car. It's a quirk.

In a way it is useless loving a monolithic company. They see me as a loyal consumer, a guy pulling what little out of my bank account to give to them, and it better be with a smile on my face. It's stupid and precisely the reason I avoid the brands. I like to support people, individuals trying to make a name in an overcrowded world. Choosing to spend my money on a self-published ebook rather than a James Paterson novel. Buying a small developers video game on PSN. Shopping at a little store. I am currently several years running with this oddity of mine and I feel fantastic.

Sports team mentality can get the hell out.