Monday, December 10, 2012

The Power and The Passion: Xena


Aiaiaiaiaiai! A sound so completely and utterly "a sound" that it exists forever in memory. This is Xena and she's a Warrior Princess. I was thinking about what subject to write about with the little time I seem to be having these days. Could talk about writing? Nah. Maybe video games? Haven't been playing them. Seen some movies? Only watched SkyFall. Without even realizing it I started playing through Xena on Netflix. How the wheels of fate turn.


I watched my fair share of the Warrior Princess before. Back in time when it was actually shown on TV. Remembering the  specific channel is difficult as TBS and Sci-Fi blend into each other with such similar shows. Hercules, Beastmaster, etc... All in all, the 90's was a special time to be in.


Even as a young boy I knew something was a little strange with this show. It was different. Kind of lighthearted, kind of engrossing, kind of cheesy. Scratch that, very cheesy. Everything about the show is fun and nowadays there is very little that compares. The closest show to emulate this kind of format was ABC's Legend of The Seeker. Makes sense as Sam Raimi's production company made it, along with Hercules and Xena. Hell, they all share some actors too!


Side note: I love Legend of The Seeker. Not the Sword of Truth series, fuck Terry Goodkind, but the TV show is pretty good. I highly recommend giving both seasons a proper watch. Enjoy it for what it is, nothing more.


Back to Xena. I remember the obviously fake sets, terrible CGI, tongue firmly planted in cheek nature, and having major crushes on Xena and Gabrielle. Two very beautiful women with an ambiguously lesbian relationship made my impressionable mind very impressed. I didn't even comprehend what was going on either, all I know is being delightfully confused. And it was fantasy. I love me some fantasy.


There exists the very real possibility I should thank shows like Xena for fostering my love for the fantastical. Being young means a lot of things can slide. Writing, acting, effects, all secondary to entertainment value that is given. The aesthetic is what matters at the time. Great warriors out on adventures achieving good needs and fighting bad guys. Sign me up, I"m still ready to go.


Of course the real question is why I'm watching Xena: Warrior Princess in the first place and not finishing up this novel? I'm working on it, until then Aiaiaiaiaiai!