Monday, November 19, 2012

Screaming Bloody Murder


Maturity. Not something that comes easy. Age may seem like the factor, but it is the experience. The experience of life that shapes a person from childhood to adulthood. Strange to apply maturity to the Punk scene; where youth and recklessness are the fuel that powers the machine. It is said Punk never dies, it just goes to bed at a more reasonable hour.

Screaming Bloody Murder may be the band’s best album yet. This is Sum41 in top form all the way to structure, rifts, and lyrics. While there is not much “pop” here, it is very much “punk”. Screaming Bloody Murder is a mixture Chuck and Underclass Hero.

I’m not a big fan of Underclass Hero. The album is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it is very...forgettable. It took on darker themes at the same time as trying to sound like All Killer No Filler. Important to note, that songs showed a promise in structure that would only be realized four years and an album later.

Inspiration from Chuck shows its influence. Most songs are fast with strong metal rifts going on; Screaming Bloody Murder, Skumfuq, and Blood in My Eyes. The last one having a very out there music video. Underclass Hero feels more like the glue piecing the entire album together. I also get the feeling there were post-divorce blues/angst flying around. Just a feeling.

The album does throw a few surprises, Time for You to Go and Baby You Don’t Wanna Know are classic rock. Weird and jarring, since they they follow some of the more harsh tracks. Personally, some of my favorites songs from the band. If the Underclass Hero itch felt in need of a scratch, We’re the Same, is the bonus track, and it sounds right from Underclass Hero.

The album is definitely worth a listen, and most certainly a satisfactory buy. Easy on repeated plays, Screaming Bloody Murder will give its money's worth.