Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Holidays

"So everyone, Christmas is just around the corner which means soon our Secret Santa Gift Swap will begin!"



"I decided that this year we should do things a little differently. Let's all gather around as a group and say what we think we deserve the most this holiday. That way our Secret Santa will know what to give us. Remember it can't be too outlandish! Who wants to start? Amy?"

"Ok, I would like to just gather around a warm fireplace with all my friends and family, enjoying some hot chocolate."


"How sweet Amy, I'm sure you're Secret Santa will think of the perfect thing for you. Who's next? David?"

"I was thinking some video games! Maybe get Tact-Action: Inferno Trigger or even Heart Kill 3!

"Oh boys will be boys! Looks like that choice is going to be a tough one! Tommy, how about you go next?"

"I don't really want too."

"Come on! What do you think you deserve from your Secret Santa?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing. I deserve to be to rotting away in some forest. Left alone where I can choke on the last morsels of life entering my lungs. Slowly remembering all of the things I have never accomplished in my life. Buying meaningless toys and DVDs, trying to fill some void within me that can never be satiated. The creeping null working its spidery legs from my chest to head, encapsulating my vision and draining me of spirit. Yes, left to decay and wash away into nothingness, no one ever finding me, no one ever telling my parents. That's what they deserve. That's what I deserve."

"Tommy, may I say something?"


"Shut the fuck up."