Wednesday, November 14, 2012


After a pretty crazy two weeks I'm back in action! I would call it torturous, basically barred from any sort of reading and writing I normally do. Even worse being in the middle of NaNoWriMo, but at least I'm somewhat reaching my goal. Half the month left to finish half the novel, sounds good. Sounds like a challenge.

Some time in the haze I picked up Stephen King's On Writing at the library. And you want to know what I found out? The library is a pretty happening place. Have to make an effort to get my read on more often. Other than that, pretty nice book. Like it.

It's better than good, it's great! Of course I'm going to sing some praises about it. King's advice to aspiring writers is fantastic and actually invigorating. Made all the better by just how clear and matter of fact everything is explained. Once I finish I'll make sure to send a glowing review to GoodReads.

Other than that, I guess that is all. Sure there was an election, but that's old news by now. Funny enough is that everyone become apolitical again right after every election, this being no exception. I've had two weeks of no-shows at a local political science club. Probably have better things to do. I'd imagine at least one side of people making the meetings to gloat and back pat each other, but no one from either side of the spectrum has appeared. Maybe I just need a hobby.