Monday, October 8, 2012

New Domain

After several days the new domain has gone live! It is nice to have a web address that doesn't have the buffer (.)blogspot or (.)wordpress. Has the new domain feel. I remember putting up my first website I bought from Godaddy with a friend. Somewhere and somehow it just gives a good feeling.

This past weekend I attended a local writing group for the first time. Nervous does not quite encapsulate the feeling. I'm not much of a group/club goer, even though I've been the president of a local club for almost a year. Each time I have gone has been with friends or at least someone I know well. This was different, this was solo.

Another ten seconds and I may have walked out of there; too timid to ask, "This is the group, right?". Looking back, it is hard to pinpoint exactly why I did say it. Must not have been thinking, which is a good thing. Meeting with a group of strangers that like writing, never mind want to listen and talk about it is exactly what I've been searching for. Sadly, only a single friend has the interest of storytelling. Because he lives a city away, I'm stuck talking with him over the phone about once a week.

Hopefully the next few weeks will see an improvement in work; that would be nice. I've been literally swamped in essays and work the past few weeks. TV barely turned on, books collecting dust, video games with untightened graphics on level 3. I'll get to all of that after seeing what's on Youtube real quick...