Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Post

Finally have a blog all to myself again. Been working on this since Spring. Not just the website, but the blog and several other projects. Wanted to debut the entire setup at once, but realized there isn't much point. Things take too long, things happen too fast. May as well carve out the first piece while I can.

What's the point of vagueness? I have several videos waiting to be made, tunes to record, and a novel to finish. Barring the music that cannot be made because of monetary reasons, everything else is my fault for not being finished. I'm a perfectionist on the video scripts as well as the novel. Situations outside of my control literally stopped me for a time; I can't help but feel at odds with motivation.

It all seems rather pointless to have without a place to call home. A blog is rather comfortable. Boiling down to a feeling that social media cannot provide.

This seems rather good for a first post.