Chris Weston is a freelance writer and fantasy author. Is a big fan of naps. Please note, this is not Napster, although no one uses Napster anymore. What year are you from, pre-Y2K? Hold on, I have to update my AOL bio as well. If he ever did use Napster, it was to use for files he owned, and was in no way or shape piracy. Chris clearly enjoys going to a store and paying for over-priced CDs of twenty year old albums.

He has never written a story that contained an elf, but he hopes that one day he will.

Chris lives in South Florida with his three dogs. He can be found on:

Author Page


The Dragon's Tear (2013)
Led Astray (2015) 
Knighthood (2016) 
Dead Hunt (2016)
Rivalry (2017)